The Time Warp, Do it again and make sure you use birth control.


Erohoz 09.06.2011 9:57
e tam zła nie jest :)
Reaver 09.06.2011 11:04
I like girls like her :)
Reaver 09.06.2011 11:04
Ou, and the author is gay.
wut 09.06.2011 14:55
Ou, she's fucking ugly!
Meh 09.06.2011 20:18

I'm gay, and a real gay would never let the bitch either wear such shit clothing or be so ugly.
Reaver 10.06.2011 1:35
At least she can make me a sandwich, and you can't.
And she has dat ass.
Fap fap fap

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