Pro tip, Hold A and B together to drink your own piss.


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ziziku 13.05.2011 16:29
Drink A and B together to piss your own hold.
Balwanek 13.05.2011 16:54
Piss A and B together to hold your own drink
QBA 13.05.2011 16:57
my good sir, that actually kinda makes sense
13.05.2011 18:11
Your A and B together to own piss hold drink
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tomnow92 13.05.2011 19:01
A drink and hold together to own B your piss
Cyberion 13.05.2011 19:10
hold piss together, your B and A own
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Kaa 13.05.2011 21:05
Drink hodl A B ....
Aaaa Fuck it !
Reaver 13.05.2011 21:35
I just can't wait to play it ;3
LOL.I.TROL.U 14.05.2011 1:14
Listen to A and B and B and A to get some shit music
gigi. 14.05.2011 9:43
Hold B and Piss together to drink your own A.
:O 15.05.2011 9:40
where i can buy this shit O.O

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