Oh Fuck, The internet is here.


Petersaber 11.08.2009 15:34
Project Chanalogy :] to było prawdziwe zwycięstwo
GaZZ 27.11.2009 22:25
Umm...im not sure but i think its a Denmark or netherland Guy Fawkes Guy
There's a legend that he created first fireworks and he was always wearing mask like that

or other bullcrap like that xD
|x| 04.06.2010 10:33
@GaZZ WTF???
Guy Fawkes was BRITISH first suicide bomber but he failed.
The mask was popularized by "V for Vendetta" movie and adapted by /b/tards as symbol of anonymity.
Use google m*f!!!
av #91410
MRWhite 17.04.2011 19:33
Srsly, you got goblinned... oh wait.

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