/b/, We are Jack's Wasted Life


Fight Club 11.05.2009 22:24
Great Movie
Boogie 22.05.2009 17:52
Yup, song on the end is the best :)
kani 25.05.2009 8:02
You never talk about the Fight Cl... fuck.. I lost
Boogie 11.06.2009 23:38
Now we gonna cut your balls... sory
ciechon 16.08.2009 20:22
i'm jack and you are parts of my body and mind
kasiunia 13.01.2010 16:48
do i give you the ass or the crotch?
qwerty 28.01.2010 20:08
kasiunia, I'll take either; or both, if you will ;)

"question of etiquette - as i pass, do i..." ;)
CatAcid 18.02.2010 7:59
no... /b/ is a worhless pile of shit...
not worth naming it self a part of Fight Club
av #46012
InvincibleCommando 15.04.2010 16:38
Tyler uses soap.

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