Americawesome, so very awesome


Anonymous 16.02.2009 21:47
drawing by japanese.
they own america.
Pippin'o 18.06.2009 16:49
usa sucks (yea im writtin it in your language- the only1 you know)
Sob 26.06.2009 10:35
Manga drawers are awesome
Anonim 10.07.2009 18:27
There should be
Americans - Look like this only in Japanese comics
Japan - Products 84%of the world weirdest shit
mr evilasfuck 28.11.2009 0:09
Funny how one anime girl can change my feelings about America... ^^
Anon 26.01.2010 17:57
Stars'n'Stri[es- the only thing in the world I can't fap to.

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