White people, Man fuck, go back to England you faggot.


desu 06.06.2009 21:17
At least we are clean, not like that dirty nigga scum.
o_O 21.07.2009 19:50
desu, u r fucking shit... where is our tolerance???!
ssa 10.08.2009 22:14
there isn't any
anon 08.10.2009 21:34
On the tree, talking to the niggers.
Wariat 11.11.2009 21:27
Niggas tryin' to stole our tree?
Kill'em, kill'em all!!!
jebakalesny 13.12.2009 14:17
niggas, go back to fckin africa!
gosciowa 17.12.2009 16:14
niggas n latinos do it best - get over it guys!
fuck niggers 11.01.2010 19:51
niggers smell like shit go back to africa motherfucking stupid gorillas
;] 03.02.2010 18:09
as we all know, white people are from England and the rest of the europe is black...
Krogulec 10.06.2010 0:32
Nope, when "nigga" (not nigger) says white people they mean enslavers - English. Rest of the Europe are humans or just people not white/black/latino/fuck-knows-what-else. Thank you... Hope u enjoying fuckin' around and being anonymous, i'm curious though... Are you so smart and courageous on the street, face to face with so called "nigga" ?. Tschau, prettao.
allatonce 17.06.2010 15:50
Yes Im if I must , I did it few times already and u son of nigger stop fapping
lol <.> 28.12.2010 2:30
we'd love to go back but its full of thouse fucking niggers!
no im seriuse its full of em!
>:( 28.12.2010 2:35
FUCK NO! THEYED STAB OR SHOOT ME! siruslsly eny sterytype of nigga waling down the streat in baggy coths with his "homies" are 95.13% lickly to shank you for saying enything other than "here's my wollet plz take my hoe insted of me!"

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